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By entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs

Pamica began its growth journey in 2016 and has since built up a group consisting of 17 Swedish business groups with 2,000 employees and sales globally.

All of us at Pamica have documented experience in investing, running businesses and being owners in entrepreneur-led/family businesses. Through our model, existing owners and management can combine the advantages of entrepreneurial and decentralized leadership with the benefits of being part of Pamica Group. You can take advantage of our expertise and our network of over 300 entrepreneurs who have built businesses themselves and are also owners of Pamica.

We want management, founders and owners to remain at the company even after the acquisition and we protect the respective subsidiaries’ corporate culture. At the same time, we work with clear targets with a focus on a small number of selected financial key figures and delegate responsibility for the company to its CEO. It creates the right commitment, and customers, suppliers and the company’s staff appreciate local decision-making power.

Feel free to listen to some of our CEOs about how they work within the group (only in Swedish).

Peter Ljungkvist, CEO Micropol

Anders Steen, CEO Sappa

Staffan Thuresson, CEO and founder of Delta of Sweden


Contact our management

Our entrepreneurs appreciate our local culture, that we are long-term “eternal” owners, with a genuine interest in developing the companies we acquire. Feel free to contact someone in our management team to discuss further.