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We acquire small and medium-sized niche companies that offer technology solutions, services and have their own products and brands. Common to all our companies is that they have close customer relationships, high profitability and sales of products in areas where a leading position can be achieved. Often, the companies become part of Pamica when family businesses or individual owners look for a partner who can contribute to the next step in the development of their company.

A prerequisite for acquisitions is that the companies have built close and long-term relationships with customers and suppliers, have skilled management, are characterized by a genuine entrepreneurial spirit, possess in-depth expertise in their industry and that we share fundamental values.

Together, we make the companies sustainably successful, with great freedom for each company management and their board and with the help of Pamica’s 12-step model to create sustained growth and profitability – what we call Great Companies. As support in these efforts, our companies benefit from our unique industrial network of over 300 owners and entrepreneurs with local roots and experience from building companies – in Sweden and internationally.

In addition to the ability to grow profitably on their own merits, some of our companies also benefit from consolidating their industry or carrying out strategic acquisitions. Since 2016, Pamica’s companies have completed over 50 add-on acquisitions.