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How we create value

We acquire small and medium-sized niche companies that offer technology solutions, services and have their own products and brands. Common to all our companies is that they have close customer relationships, high profitability and sales of products in areas where a leading position can be achieved. Often, the companies become part of Pamica when family businesses or individual owners look for a partner who can contribute to the next step in the development of their company.

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Pamica in numbers

  • 17 Business groups
  • > 300 Engaged entrepreneurs
  • > 2000 Employees

What we offer

Decentralized leadership

Pamica reinforces what the entrepreneur wants to do and we believe that the best decisions are made by the people who work closely with and deeply understand the customers’ needs. Our companies are therefore fully run by their own management and boards in each company – with full responsibility for results and profitability. This creates conditions for acting quickly and efficiently and a strong entrepreneurial spirit.

It also means that people we are convinced can make a difference choose to work in our companies.

Long-term owner

Pamica has a long-term and industrial ownership perspective. This means that our companies have the opportunity to implement long-term strategies that create profitable growth. The prerequisites for this are created in a structured process, where business plans and budgets are decided by the subsidiaries boards and anchored by the Groups board. At the same time, the door is always kept open for new decisions in order to give the subsidiary management teams the opportunity to take advantage of business opportunities and adapt the business to new conditions. 

Entrepreneurial culture

All investment managers at Pamica have themselves led and built companies and we are owned by over 300 entrepreneurs who support our companies’ growth. It has created a unique corporate culture centered around entrepreneurship, development and customers. 

Through our model, owners and management who sell their companies to Pamica can combine the advantages of leveraging our expertise and our network with continued freedom to develop their businesses. Our companies can also benefit from informal exchange of ideas among themselves.

Supportive owners and unique network

Pamica was established in 2016 in Halmstad by our founder and CEO Jan-Olof Svensson – Josa. He had then, together with his childhood friend Bengt Jönsson, over a decade built IMAP, a successful business in transaction consulting for family entrepreneurs, and thus also an extensive network among Swedish small and medium-sized companies, their founders and leaders. 

In 2015, Josa left IMAP to establish Pamica, together with some employees and around 70 Swedish entrepreneurs. The business is unique in Sweden as the 70 entrepreneurs, who are now over 300, are not only owners, but actively contribute to the business and owned companies with their networks and expertise. 

That, in combination with the decentralized management of our subsidiaries with professional boards appointed by Pamica constitute some of our strengths. In addition, Pamica adds a clear 12-step model for effective business development, capital as well as central support and advice in business development, financial management, transactions and sustainability

Quality and sustainability in focus

A key factor for us is that our companies must deliver products and services of high quality and that they must exceed the customer’s expectations. As owners, we can support our company management in strategic matters, but no strategy wins over a satisfied customer. 

In addition, sustainability in our subsidiaries takes a central place as we are convinced that it creates long-term value and strengthens our companies’ competitiveness. In 2023, Pamica and our 17 business groups carried out a materiality analysis and from 2024 each business has a clear ESG strategy with well-defined goals that are linked to their own business and the Group’s shared goals. 

In addition, all operations follow our code of conduct, which is an important tool for describing shared principles and promoting a shared value base as well as ensuring a common view of sustainable business. 

Support for profitable growth

Our role as owners is to support our companies through clear and agreed goals and contribute with industrial know-how, financing and business development, not least with contributions from our unique industrial network. Our companies receive support from our central team and colleagues within the group through the exchange of ideas. We hold quarterly meetings where our CEOs report on the development in their companies and discuss solutions, both together in a group meeting and after in bilateral meetings. 


Join us

Our entrepreneurs appreciate our local culture, that we are long-term, industrial owners, with a genuine interest in developing the companies we acquire.

Peter Ljungkvist, CEO Micropol

Anders Steen, CEO Sappa

Hear from our CEO

At Pamica, CEOs in our companies are given a full mandate to lead and focus on their operations. We are active owners, but it is our companies’ managements who know their customers best, know how to develop the business and therefore must make the decisions in consultation with their board. Pamica contributes with our network of people with deep knowledge in the industries we invest in, experience from many of the situations our companies handle and capital when it creates value. We have worked that way since the start in 2016 and will continue on our set path.

Jan-Olof Svensson, CEO and founder of Pamica