Portfolio Companies


Absortech exclusively focuses on products and services that help customers avoid costly moisture damages during shipping. Their offering Peace of Moisture Mind® helps customers improve shipping productivity, protect their brand and save the environment. Absortech has headquarter in Falkenberg, Sweden and have own companies in; US, Germany, France, India, Singapore, Cambodia, Thailand and China. Production takes place in Sweden and China.


Beans in Cup

Beans in Cup was established 2017 through a merge of three different, but still quite similar coffee companies: Kaffebönan, Beans and inCup.

Together we share a background in roaster, machine development and concepts of taste, which makes us the optimal coffee supplier for office coffee services. We ensure our customers have the best tasting coffee, by flavour, sustainability and operational safety.



Cupola is a leading actor of systematic fire protection in Sweden, covering the whole nation. The company offers products, such as fire alarm, smoke hatches, fire protection-documents, as well as service, installation, and training. Cupola creates an environment of safety and prepares the public and companies for fire, evacuation, and unexpected events with the use of its tailored and complete solutions.


Cupola brandskydd

Safe Solutions

Since 2010, Safe Solutions with its base in Hollviken, Skåne, has been developing a digitalized security system, with the combination of an intelligent thermal camera placed on a mast, who self-rotates 24 hours despite different weather conditions. The idea behind is to secure, analyze, alarm, and document the proceedings in order to prevent both damage and trespass as well as acting and protecting values of the different areas.



Somna AB is a Swedish company, located in Stenkullen, Gothenburg that develops, produces, and distributes cognitive devices. These products are mainly handmade and are created on the basis of scientific studies of the relaxing impact of weight and pressure. The products are designed to relieve anxiety, agitation, insomnia, and improve life quality. Somna is a market leader within the category of weight blankets with its patented product the Somna Blanket.


Somna kognitiva hjälpmedel


Ställning Karlskoga is an e-commerce leader within the industry of scaffolding and complementary products in Sweden. The company offers scaffolding to construction- and- maintenance work at home, companies, and craftsmen, where a number of package solutions on frontage- and tower scaffolds are produced, to make it easier for the customers.


Micropol Fiberoptic

Micropol Fiberoptic AB is one of Sweden’s oldest companies within the fiber optic industry. The company is one of the world’s most experienced companies in fiber optic applications for demanding environments. Applications for heavy industries such as mining, forest and offshore, as well as military cable systems, are some examples of areas where Micropol Fiberoptic is world-leading.


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STAPP produces and sells environmental and safe bullet catcher to shooting ranges, used by shooting clubs, police and military in mainly Sweden and the United States. In Sweden, the company is the dominant supplier to the Swedish Armed Forces.



Sappa offers broadband and telephony, digital TV, analogue TV via Koaxkabel and IPTV via fiber to villas and multi-family houses and has about 400 000 households as customers in Sweden.



Today, Fibertjänst has a small organization with talented employees, all of whom have extensive experience in the telecom industry. When the fibre expansion is now in the absolute final phase, the company will focus increasingly on the services of the future, especially within the care sector.