Approach & Business Model

  • Pamica’s most important target is the family-entrepreneur or the “lonely” entrepreneur who face an ownership change. The companies should be well-managed, profitable, and mature, preferable with an international touch in sale and purchase.
  • Pamica delivers safety during a transaction and the desire to operate for the company and the employer’s need is at the heart of everything Pamica does. It is important to understand that after a transaction the family/employer will still be present in the city that is valuable for the business success.
  • Pamica supports the organization and facilitate connections for potential investments in the portfolio companies.
  • Pamica’s investment profile is industry independent, which means that investments can be made in mostly any industries, with exception for properties. Important reasons for investing in diverse industries are to spread and minimize risks.
  • After an acquisition, a strategic vision (business plan) with improvements is made.
  • Pamica is actively involved with developing and coaching each investment.

Pamica Process Map

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